Jay-Anne, 59

ME/CFSJay-Anne was a nurse for 20 years.  When she left in 2006, she was working at the London Psychiatric Hospital.

She had been experiencing widespread pain with no apparent cause.  She started losing strength in her left arm and hands.  She experienced a lot of migraines.  Working at the hospital meant she had to be able to react during code whites and be able to restrain patients if necessary.  With loss of strength and use in her hands and arm, it was no longer safe for her or her co workers.

Eventually, she was diagnosed with ME/CFS/ (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain plus an autoimmune thyroid disease.

She was put on thyroid medication and Lyrica initially.  Jay-Anne says Lyrica gave her too many side effects so they switched her to Cymbalta.  Five years ago she decided on her own to try medical cannabis because she figured if it could help someone suffering from cancer with their pain, it might help her with her own.

“I just needed to sleep well through the night.”

Jay-Anne was also prescribed a pain medication, a mild opioid, and visits a pain clinic once a week for trigger point injections.  Every 6 weeks, she has Lidocaine infusions.

“Cannabis works the best.  I have IBS also and it’s very helpful with that pain and especially for sleep.”  She adds.

Girl Scout Cookies CannabitJay-Anne says she prefers to vaporize her cannabis or consume it in edibles.  She finds Indica strains to be the best for pain and sleep.  Some of her favorites include Girl Scout Cookies or Kush strains for the evening.  During the daytime she prefers high CBD lower THC Sativa strains to give her energy, focus and pain relief.

“I use an edible at night and it lasts for a full 8 hours or more.”  Jay-Anne says she mainly uses edibles in the evening for the long lasting effects.  She says she gets a small banana loaf for about $40 at a discreet local dispensary in London Ontario and that lasts her a week, only consuming about 1/6 of the loaf at bedtime.

Cannabis Banana Bread
See Below for Recipe

Jay-Anne tells me that cannabis helps keep her pain in check, it helps her get more restful sleep at night and with her other medications and injections, it makes her day to day outlook much more positive.

She has been registered with a few different LPs but found says she found problems with consistency and quality.  “Their stuff sucks and smells like chemicals.”  Jay-Anne emphasizes.

She grew her own, with success.  Then they were stolen.  She now relies on compassionate care, and her local dispensary.

“It’s a ridiculous old wive’s tale that cannabis is a scary drug.  I know now that the world would be better off if more people used cannabis than alcohol.  I was an addiction counselor at one time so I know.”

On the impending Legalization, Jay-Anne says although she wanted it, she’s concerned about the pricing, taxing and whether or not it will receive its own DIN# making it covered under medical insurance programs.

“I think it’s a stupid idea for it to be sold in stores (under the liquor store model).  It should only be sold by the people who know most about it.  The locally owned dispensaries and growers.  I will only stick with those who commit to compassionate care, that have the knowledge, and refrain from using pesticides and chemicals.”

Jay-Anne says she believes that as long as the governments keep the prices high, there will be a black market.  “They’re doing it wrong.  They aren’t listening to the experts.”

Jay-Anne currently resides in St. Thomas, Ontario.


~If you are using cannabis to treat pain/illness, drop me a line in Comments or the Contact tab.  I’d love to share your story. 




ME/CFS  http://solvecfs.org/what-is-mecfs/

Cannabis banana bread  http://www.thcfinder.com/marijuana-blog/marijuana-recipes/2012/12/baked-banana-bread

Girl Scout Cookies  http://www.thcfinder.com/marijuana-blog/nugs/2014/04/girl-scout-cookies-weed-hybrid-1



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