Tina, 48


Tina was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS).  Pain resulting from 7 car accidents since 1999.  She has permanent nerve damage and limited use of her right arm.  A former employer from one of the National banks, Tina suffers from several sources of pain.  Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, bursitis in her shoulder,  sciatic nerve pain, herniated discs, and bone spurs.

Some of the medications she was prescribed resulted in permanent kidney damage.  She’s had a couple of surgeries for kidney stones.  After the last surgery in 2012, she sought out alternative medications when she had little to no appetite after being diagnosed with cataracts caused from steroid medication, and from high doses of Morphine in addition to drugs like Percocets, anti inflammatories, Lyrica, Gabapentin, muscle relaxers and even Oxycontin for a while.  She was up to 28 pills a day.

All I did was wake up to take medication then fall right back asleep.”  Tina tells me all she did was sleep.  It affected her relationships, especially with her children.  “My daughter called me a pill junkie when I was simply taking what the doctor prescribed, as it was prescribed.  I didn’t abuse my medications.”

She went cold turkey off of everything.  This is dangerous to do and I strongly urge you to see your doctor before making any drastic changes to your medications.  There can be deadly side effects, like seizures and even death.  Tina was supposed to be hospitalized and monitored closely as she withdrew from all the pharmaceuticals.  She chose to stay at home having someone with her monitor her withdrawl.

She has since begun growing her own medicine.  She uses the whole plant making everything from canna oil, to topical creams and bath bombs infused with cannabis.  She consumes her cannabis capsules throughout the day and then supplements with edibles, shatter and smoking some of her favorite strains.  She sticks to Sativa strains during the day and Indica for the evening.  Her favorites are strains like Holy Grail, Kalashnikova, Lemon OG, Ghost OG and Hawaiian Hash Plant.  “I strive to ingest about 1800 mg a day.”  Tina tells me that she begins her day with capsules, has an edible or 2 at lunchtime, a couple more capsules and has a joint before bed.  She takes her oil caps every 5-6 hours.  She ensures almost everything she eats contains cannabis, even in beverages, like hot chocolate.  If she needs to, she’ll supplement with some shatter but she admits, shatter lasts her a long time.  She has even experimented with micro-dosing psilocybin, the key component of “magic” mushrooms which has proven to have marvelous effects on pain and well-being.  She’s lost over 140 lbs since going off of all the prescription medications.

Made with cannabis 

Tina is severely physically disabled now.  She uses aids to walk and dress.  She received a wheelchair this past June with funding due to severe nerve issues in her right leg.  However, much of her medical costs are out of pocket for Tina as her employer cancelled her disability back in 2009.  She has had a lawyer for the last seven years to overturn the decision and is currently awaiting her next court date in July 2018.  She also suffered a major house fire destroying all her medicine and her home.  She has since encountered problems with renewing her medical license due to a lack of a permanent address.  She perseveres.

Tina insists cannabis has improved her life drastically.  She’s not as tired and it helps manage her pain levels and improve her mood.  Even her relationships with friends and family, in particular, her children, have improved.  “I can walk and do things and have a routine.  I can carry on conversations.  I have more of a normal life now.”

On the impending Legalization Tina has concerns.  “They haven’t even got the medical side of it right yet.”  She is also unsupportive of cannabis being sold only at retail locations under the strict Liquor store model.  “Cannabis should be seen as medicine and treated as such.”  Like many pain patients, Tina resents being clumped in with the recreational users and terms like pothead because so many of us are simply trying to manage physical pain.
Are you using cannabis to treat/manage illness/pain?  Contact me through Comments or the Contact tab.  I’d love to share your story.

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