Cindy, 46

PTSD300 pills and a bottle of wine.

Cindy thought it was the end.

A history of horrifying trauma – bullying, molestation, spousal abuse, rape, car accidents that led to physical disability – led to a diagnosis of severe domestic PTSD.

Cindy says that because of the mental and physical issues, she was prescribed a cocktail of drugs: Nabilone & Flexeril for pain. Ativan & Clonazepam for anxiety. Seroquel & Mirtazipine to allow her a chance at sleeping. Zoloft & Wellbutrin for depression.  A cocktail ingested for twenty years.  A recipe for “zombie-fication”.  Sleeping twelve hours a day, on average.

I hated life, I hated myself.  I hated waking up.  Every day I woke up I was disappointed.  Every day I would wake up, quickly run to pee and then get back into bed and pray for sleep to take me again.  I really did truly hate being awake, my dream life was so much better.”

Everything came to a head on February 3, 2015.

I came very close to ending my life.  Shit happened that triggered my worst ever panic attack, I was bullied and beat with words by 4 people at the same time, over Facebook, and I was at a point of my life that I just couldn’t fight anymore.  I was done.

So, I sent one of my best friends a text telling her this.  I told her how horribly depressed I was, how full of panic I was.  I told her I had 2 bottles of wine and 300 Clonazepam in my purse and was headed out for a drive to unknown places.  I said I couldn’t deal anymore, I didn’t know how.  I was done.  Lucky for me, she wasn’t going to take that as my answer to life.  A chain of phone calls & texts started, that ended up landing me in the hospital later that evening before any wine or pills were consumed.”

A medical cannabis prescription proved to be a catalyst for change.

My doctor gave me my medical cannabis prescription and I was off.  I started to learn everything I could, best ways to medicate and treat different ailments.  I truly discovered coconut oil/cannabis medication and edibles and my life began to change.”

She discovered that strains like Sour OG aided in the relief of panic attacks and anxiety.  Skywalker OG aided in relief of physical pain.  “For the mental part of my disability, I prefer to vape or smoke, (it’s more immediate) but for pain I find ingesting a variety of oils and edibles are more effective and long lasting.”

Cannabis Brownie

Slowly but surely, the cocktail of pills and medications was whittled down – but it wasn’t easy.

“I’m not going to lie, withdrawal is HARD.  Killer hard by times, but cannabis truly helps with that.  Makes it tolerable, and each day gets easier.  It took me 3 months and 15 days from start to finish to kick eight prescription medications, with the help of cannabis and EMDR therapy lead by my psych.”

Cindy’s journey with cannabis allowed her to go from 12 hours a day spent sleeping, to becoming an activist – starting with Grannies for Grass.

Grannies was started in 2010 by Donna Dassault and her son & his wife, Michael & Diane-Marie Jensen.  They made hemp jewelry and sold it at local farmers markets.  Eventually their little booth would be sought out by the seniors, who would gather to share stories and canna recipes.  Since then, Grannies has grown to be an amazing teaching and learning tool for many folks, and we have expanded to a few countries now.  We continue to grow, learn and educate the best we can.”

The passion for cannabis and cannabis education also led to an employment opportunity with a high-end dispensary in Nova Scotia.

A five month journey, with the help of cannabis, led to a new life.

If You are someone you know are thinking of suicide, you can contact the Nova Scotia Mental Health Crisis telephone line 

For support call 902-429-8167 or 1-888-429-8167 (toll free).

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are using cannabis to treat pain or illness, please contact me through the Comments section or Contact Tab.



Images/Further Reading

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