Sue, 55

Thoracic Spine
Thoracic Spine

Sue was in the military for 21 years, retiring at only 38.  She worked in Military Transport and her specialty was Heavy Equipment.  One day, while on duty, she was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left her with whiplash.  She was treated for the whiplash for nearly two years, but later on learned that she also had 3 broken discs in her back, T5, T6 and T7 in addition to her neck injury.  After working in Heavy Equipment for over 20 years, that had also taken its toll on her back forcing her to retire early.  The military honorably discharged her for medical reasons.


She found herself in pain most of the time.  She was given courses of painkillers and muscle relaxants like Flexeril, Talwin, Demerol and Amitriptyline.  She couldn’t stand the feeling some of the painkillers were giving her.  They left her feeling groggy and cloudy.  She understood some of these drugs were actually habit forming and she didn’t want to end up being addicted to them in the long run.


Sue stumbled upon marijuana from her son.  Her son had brought some home and after being against it for so many years, she decided to give it a try much to her son’s surprise.


“Sitting there, I was all of a sudden- calm.  I was pain free and very tired.  My normal routine was to take pain pills for my back before bed but this night, I took NONE of them.  I got up the stairs with no pain, It didn’t take me hours to get comfortable and I ended up having the best night of sleep.  Ever.”


The next morning, Sue could actually think straight.  “On the pharmaceuticals, I was always disorientated and it took me a long time to wake up only to have to take more pills for the pain.”  She found that with cannabis, she was not only still pain free but it also kept her head clear thus beginning her three year journey to ween herself off of ALL the pharmaceuticals she was being prescribed..


Cannabis oil
Cannabis oil

From there she went on to research cannabis further, which led to growing her own plants as she is adamant about pesticides and ensuring her medicine is truly organic and chemical free.  She prefers to consume oils and coconut infused products as she found smoking it aggravated her back from coughing.


To tell you the truth I was scared of all this at first, but all the (prescription) drugs I was on left me feeling cloudy, unable to function, unable to think, unable to participate in work related duties or even family functions.”  Sue attributes cannabis to gaining her life back.

Vaping Cannabis
Vaping Cannabis

“I make my own cannabis infused oil and I use a vaporizer during the day if I need.”  Sue tells me that when she was on prescription drugs, she had to take them throughout the day in addition to the evening.  “With cannabis, I just basically need it in the evenings now.”  Sue states.


Sue, who has a run a feral cat sanctuary for years, feared that she would have to give it up.  The pharmaceuticals left her feeling worn out and not able to function.  She is happy to report her sanctuary is still going strong, helping feral cats in rural Nova Scotia thanks to cannabis.


She still has bad days and worse days, but the good days outweigh the bad now.


“I love cannabis medicine.  I’ve found a life now and it’s worth living.  I am living again!”


Are you treating illness or pain with cannabis?  Has it changed your life for the better?  Please drop me a line in Comments or hit the Contact tab.  You can also reach us at @902HigherLiving or @LezGeek on Twitter.







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Cannabis oil


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